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The bishe beauty fridge features a removable top rack and side shelf to customize the storage space for all your skincare needs.


The 5L capacity cooling bishe beauty fridge features a removable top rack and removable side shelf to customize the storage space for all your skincare products. The intelligent constant temperature is displayed on the internal screen and with the sealed magnetic door you don’t need to worry about breeding bacteria and moist environment.

Leak and condensation-free thanks to the new double-fan cold air system ensuring a constant temperature and effectively protecting your skincare products from water and harsh environment.
Inside your bishe fridge, the automatic LED ambient lights provide optimum visibility to your skincare products no matter the lighting in the room. 

- Internal LED ambient lights
- Visual temperature display screen
- Intelligent constant temperature
- Removable top rack and side shelf
- Door shelf for extra space

- Rose gold legs with non slip silicone
- Quiet and super quiet mode  
- Vegan leather handle
- Double constant temperature (50°F for all your skincare products and a warmer temperature of 65°F for your face roller, gua sha, face masks if desired) 


Capacity: 5 Liters
Weight: 8.8 Lbs
Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.6 x 12.9 in ( LxWxH) 
Thermoelectric and superior semiconductor technology
Power Consumption: ~50W
Voltage: AC 100 V - 240 V
Includes: 5L cooling beauty fridge, removable top rack and side shelf, power cord with plug type A (mask shelf sold separately)
Limited one year warranty


- Wipe down with a damp cloth before your first use.
- Turn off and unplug your bishe fridge for one hour every 30 days to let it rest and clean 
- If any spills occur, please turn off and wipe down immediately.
- Keep a distance of at least 4 inches around the fridge to ensure the intake and cooling fan is not blocked.
- Keep the bishe fridge door shut during your skincare routine.
- Please keep away from water at all times. 
- Keep in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
- If your bishe fridge is not working properly, please turn off, unplug and contact us at for assistance. 


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